Hayastan All-Armenian Fund builds a drinking water system in Karin Tak
Posted on May 15, 2012
Hayastan Fund is constructing a potable-water network in Karin Tak community of Shushi region, Nagorno-Karabakh. In mid Autumn, the community of 660 residents and 194 households will enjoy regular water in their houses.

Sponsored by the Fund’s Greece, Cyprus, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil affiliates and ARS

The existing network has long fallen into disrepair and is currently used only for irrigation. The residents have to carry water from local springs for their daily needs. At present, around 3.8 km long pipeline and 4.5 km long internal network is being built. In addition, a 100-cubic-meter 2 reservoirs, a water-collection tank and water-purification facilities are being installed.

The Karin Tak village is attractive for the St.Virgin church of the 17th century and the cave called Mamrot karer which, according to the locals, contains healing waters.