Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Montreal affiliate continues to sponsor major renovations at Abovyan Maternity Hospital
Posted on July 04, 2012
The Montreal affiliate of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund continues to support extensive renovations at the Abovyan Maternity Hospital, in Armenia’s Kotayk Region. The project is sponsored by benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Vrej and Imasdouhi Nigoghossian of Canada.

With the first phase of the project, in 2010, the fund completely renovated the hospital’s Delivery Ward, transforming it into a state-of-the-art facility. The second phase, carried out earlier this year, resulted in the reconstruction and modernization of the hospital’s Postnatal Department. The third phase, which was announced in May following a visit to the hospital by a delegation of the Montreal affiliate, will comprise the refurbishment of three patient rooms (with a total area of 70 square meters) in the Postnatal Department.

“At the time the first leg of the project was begun, the hospital was in critical need of refurbishments and upgrades, as it hadn’t undergone a substantial renovation since its establishment in 1986,” said Dr. Larissa Madoyan, the Abovyan Maternity Hospital’s chief physician and director. The facility serves the populations of the city of Abovyan as well as 20 nearby rural communities.

Commenting on the renovations at the hospital, Ara Vardanyan, the fund’s executive director, said, “We strongly encourage all of our benefactors to visit the sites of projects they have sponsored, just as Mr. and Mrs. Nigoghossian have done, not only to gain first-hand knowledge of what has been accomplished, but determine whether further development work is warranted. Such a hands-on approach is in the interest of benefactors and the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund alike, as it helps reinforce a sense of responsibility among beneficiaries with regard to the care and upkeep of newly built or renovated facilities realized through development projects.”