Greek-Armenian community celebrates 20th anniversary of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund
Posted on October 22, 2012
On October 17, the Greek-Armenian community celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund with a jubilant gala in Athens. The event, held at the Ledra Marriott, was organized by the fund’s Greek affiliate, under the auspices of the Armenian Embassy in Greece.

In his opening remarks, Vatche Der-Garabedian, chairman of the Greek affiliate, spoke about the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s 20-year history of steadfast service to the development of the homeland. Der-Garabedian also enumerated the development projects carried out by the Greek affiliate, and presented its plans for forthcoming initiatives.

Ambassador Gagik Ghalachyan, the evening’s keynote speaker, underscored the extraordinary significance of the establishment and work of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund for Armenia, Artsakh, and the worldwide Armenian community.

Subsequently the attendees were shown two documentary films: the first dedicated to the achievements of the fund in the past two decades, and the second showcasing the continued success of the Greek-Armenian Phoneathon — which has served as the Greek affiliate’s main fundraising conduit since the launch of the office in 2009.

The gala program also included an awards ceremony, recognizing the Greek-Armenian community’s generosity in supporting development projects in Armenia and Artsakh. The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Patron of the Nation Award was bestowed on Mr. Christos Savoulian; Mr. and Mrs. Hrant and Hripsime Basmadjian; Rev. Vicken Cholakian, minister and pastor of the Armenian Evangelical Church of Greece; Mr. and Mrs. Stamatis and Meri Bonirou; Mr. and Mrs. Hovik and Silva Nersesian; Mr. and Mrs. Kevork and Sonia Kouyoumdjian; Mr. and Mrs. Nikolaos and Yeoria Sarkissian; Ms. Perouz Yoldjian; Mr. Antranik Yoldjian; and affiliate chairman Mr. Vatche Der-Garabedian.

The ceremony was followed by an enchanting performance by Greek-Armenian guitar virtuoso Hagop Kolanian.

The small Greek-Armenian community, working closely with the local affiliate of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, has already made possible a number of critically important development projects in Armenia and Artsakh. These accomplishments comprise the establishment of a computer classroom at the Vanadzor Orphanage (Lori Region, Armenia); extensive improvements at Vanadzor’s No. 30 Kindergarten (including the provision of furniture, installation of a heating system, and renovation of the playground); and construction of a water network in the village of Karin Tak (Shushi, Artsakh). The latter project was co-sponsored by the fund’s affiliates in Uruguay, Argentina, Cyprus, and Brazil).