Hayastan Fund constructs a kindergarten in Sos of Martuni region
Posted on November 07, 2012
Construction of the Sos village kindergarten in Nagorno-Karabakh’s Martuni region is underway.

Financing - By the French affiliate and Nagorno-Karabakh government

Construction of the new kindergarten, designed for up to 50 children, will be completed in mid 2013 and the children of Sos will enjoy the modern and fully furnished campus. At present, crews are constructing the roof. The existing kindergarten is located in a 50 year-old building, which is in a state of serious disrepair. The community was in dare need of a new building.

With support of the French- Armenian community two years ago the village also received critically needed potable-water through the reconstructed water network. The village lays along the Stepanakert-Karmir Shuka-Martuni road The Amaras monastery complex is located about 5.5 km from the village.