ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and Visa announce the launch of the 1st affinity card in Armenia
Posted on November 21, 2012
ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank in partnership with Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and Visa announce the launch of Visa “Barerar” affinity card. The card issued on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Fund, is the first affinity card in Armenia. Project mission is to raise funds for kids leaving in orphanages in Armenia.

A new Visa “Barerar” affinity card will allow its card-holders make regular donations to Hayastan All-Armenian Fund in an easy and simple way thus provide necessary financial assistance to kids in need. All you need to do is use Visa “Barerar” card for your everyday purchases. The donations will be allocated for financing the Fund’s projects to support kids living in the orphanages in Armenia.

With this affinity card program ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE will donate 0.3% of every purchase made on the card and 50% of “Barerar” Visa card’s annual fee to the Fund.
When you pay with your “Barerar” Visa affinity card you help to donate
AMD 5 000- AMD 15
AMD 10 000- AMD 30
AMD 15 000- AMD 45

Additionally, Visa “Barerar” card-holders can contribute extra funds as they believe appropriate. To do so a card-holder should set the amount of monthly donations when a card is issued by ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank.

All Visa “Barerar” card-holders will also decide on the exact projects their donations will be streamlined to. Hayastan All-Armenian Fund will be offering all “Barerar” card-holders a number of projects to vote for on the annual basis. The project which gets the greatest number of card-holders votes will get the financing.

Visa “Barerar” card can be issued on card-holders individual request or in the framework of pay-roll projects. In order to encourage more people to join the program all Visa “Barerar” payroll cards will be serviced free of charge during the whole payroll cards agreement period.

“ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank Visa “Barerar” affinity project is part of the activities undertaken in the frames of corporate social responsibility of our Bank, which complements a long-term cooperation between ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE and All-Armenian Fund. It will allow each of us to become a donor of All-Armenian Fund and make their donation to charity by simply using their “Barerar” Visa affinity card for regular payments. I am sure that many of our compatriots, as well Bank’s and Fund’s employees will join this project. On behalf of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE I would also like to thank our colleagues from Visa for endorsing this initiative with enthusiasm and assisting us in course of implementation”, said Stepan Gishyan, Bank’s Chief Executive Director.

“Visa “Barerar” affinity card gives an excellent opportunity to become a donor of the Fund even will small donations and contribute to the projects we run at orphanages. It’s the first time in the history the Fund and Armenia, that we have such a convenient, modern donation tool as Visa card. What is also important to us that not only people leaving in Armenia, but also our compatriots from Diaspora have a chance to join this project. Starting December 1st they can order the Card from Bank’s website and receive it upon their arrival to Armenia. This project is a call for Armenian and Diaspora’s organizations and individuals to unite their efforts in changing the life of children living in orphanages. I would like to thank all those people who have already joined or will join this initiative and walk hand in hand with us. Together we can really make a change”, said Ara Vardanyan, Executive director of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

Irina Kamkhadze, country manager for the Caucasus region said: "We are honored to partner with ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank and All-Armenian Fund to launch the first charity program on Visa card in Armenia. Visa cards and electronic payments are changing the way of giving and bring charity to a new level by offering more people a safe convenient and immediate tool for making donations. The card bears a very symbolic name “Philanthropist” and we hope that the new “Barerar” Visa affinity card will contribute to shaping even stronger tradition of individual philanthropy in Armenia, and help to strengthen community effort in helping those who especially require our support and financial assistance”.
To apply for “Barerar” Visa affinity card please contact +37410 31 88 99.


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