Hayastan All-Armenian Fund maintains education and refugee assistance to Syrian-Armenian community
Posted on February 06, 2013
The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund continues to provide the Syrian-Armenian community with critically needed education and refugee assistance. The support is made possible particularly by the organization’s French, German, Argentinean, and Lebanese affiliates, which have allocated portions of funds raised through Telethon 2012 and other fundraising campaigns for Syrian-Armenian relief.

Accordingly, U.S. $100,000 raised through the annual Radiothon in Lebanon as well as 50,000 euros donated by French-Armenians during the Pan-European Phoneathon have been used to help pay the salaries of Armenian school teachers in Aleppo.

On their part, the fund’s German and Argentinean affiliates have provided 10,000 euros and U.S. $8,000, respectively, which will be used for emergency assistance to economically vulnerable Syrian-Armenian families that have taken refuge in Armenia.

In the meantime, the fund continues to cover the annual tuitions of numerous Syrian-Armenian students (69 beneficiaries already) who currently attend various colleges and universities in the homeland.