Musical instruments for Davtashen Art School
Posted on February 15, 2013
Hayastan Fund has donated musical instruments and audio-visual equipment to Avet Terteryan Art school in Yerevan. On February 14 the school conducted a thank-you concert and an exhibition on this occasion.

Sponsored by the Fund’s Swedish affiliate

Thans to the project the school now owns new musical facilities, including 11 brass and string instruments, as well as a camera, video camera, computer, printer, and easels for the art class.

Over 750 students 3-14 years of age study in 35 classes of the art school. “I do believe, that the new instruments will add to the performance quality of our students and admiration of their audience, “ said Armine Soghomonyan, deputy director of the school.

The overall refurbishment of the building is among the urgent needs of the school.