Hayastan Fund Events 2013
Posted on October 22, 2013
May 22-28. Site visits to the Armenia and Artsakh projects within the Fund’s Board of Trustees Meeting (delegation comprised of Fund Trustees, affiliate representatives and donors)

May 29. President Prize 2012 awarding ceremony headed by the Armenian President.

May 30. Hayastan Fund Board of Trustees 22nd meeting.

June 1. Fund’s Australia affiliate: Fundraising gala-dinner.

August 22. Beneficent lunch of the ladies of the Armenia Fund of Brazil.

August-October. lecture presentation ’’The Six Years which changed the Armenian world’’ presented by Migirdic Migirticyan, the chairman of the Fund’s Toronro affiliate. /August 25- Sao Paulo, August 30-Buenos Aires , Sept 7-Vancouver, Sept 29-Montreal, Oct 18-New York, New Jersey/.

September 9. Fund’s Australia affiliate: National Giving through meetings and e-mails.

September-October. Fund’s Romania affiliate: meetings towards fundraising with Armenian communities in Bucharest and Constancia.

September-November. Fund’s Sweden affiliate: Natianal Giving through meetings and e-mails.

October-November Fund’s Australia affiliate: National Giving through meetings and e-mails.

October 8-14. Fund’s Italy affiliate: meetings with local Armenian organizations.

October 11. Fund’s French affiliate: Banquet in Lyon, dedicated to the French affiliate’s 20th anniversary.

October 15. Launch of sms and postal donations towards Telethon 2013.

October 19. Fund’s Australia affiliate: fundraising event in Melbourne sub-committee (comedy nigth).

November 3. Fund’s French affiliate: Gala-dinner.

November 4. Fund’s French affiliate: Meetings with French and Armenian young volunteers.

November 14-15. Fund’s Argentina affiliate: Fundraising Phoneathon.

November 16. Fund’s Toronto affiliate: Gala-dinner.

November 16. Fund’s Montreal affiliate: Charity Concert.

November 21-24. Fund’s French affiliate: Pan-European fundraising Phoneathon organized in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nicca, Toulouse (with participation of French, German, Swiss, Holland affiliates).

November 23-24. Fund’s Brazil affiliate: Fundraising Phoneathon.

November 26-28. Fund’s Iran affiliate: National Giving through e-mails and ‘Aliq’ daily.

November 28. Fund’s U.S. Western region: Broadcasting of Telethon 2013 from Los Angeles.

November 23-24. Fund’s Greece affiliate: Fundraising Phoneathon.

December 7. Fund’s Australia affiliate: Dinner dedicated to the memory of earthquake victims.

December 8. Fund’s Lebanese affiliate: Fundraising Radiothon.

February 23, 2014. Fund’s Great Britain affiliate: Charity concert.

During 2013. Study tours to Armenian and Artsakh communities to attract new donors.

[b]Telethon 2013[/b]
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