Vienna’s Shiraz School presents gift to Yerevan’s Shiraz School
Posted on October 06, 2014
The students and teachers of Vienna’s Hovhannes Shiraz Armenian Saturday School recently held a fundraising event on campus and used the proceeds to donate a computer to the Hovhannes Shiraz School in Yerevan. This is the second gift of its type to be presented to the Yerevan school, following a 2013 fundraiser at Vienna’s Hovhannes Shiraz Armenian Saturday School held for the same purpose.

The students of the Yerevan school have expressed their gratitude in a letter addressed to their young benefactors in Vienna.

“Our students regularly correspond with their peers in Vienna and they’ve already become good friends,” said Susanna Maloyan, principal of the Yerevan school. “On our part, we do our utmost to encourage their bonds of friendship.”

“In 2013, I visited the Hovhannes Shiraz School in Yerevan and was fascinated by the students’ wonderful conduct and manners, as well as the care shown to them by the teachers and principal,” said Beransch Hartunian-Tahmasians, chairman of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Austrian affiliate, and added, “I’m happy that such a great relationship has been created between our students in Vienna and Yerevan.”