2014 Presidential Awards ceremony took place
Posted on May 26, 2015
The 2014 RA Presidential Award Ceremony took place today at the RA Presidential Palace. President Serzh Sargsyan and diaspora Armenian benefactor Robert Poghossian, the representative of the Robert Poghossian and Sons Foundation, handed over the awards – the certificates with the inscription and the prize money – to the awardees for their significant contribution to a number of areas. Serzh Sargsyan congratulated the awardees, wished them further success in their upcoming activities.

President Serzh Sargsyan’s remarks at the RA Presidential Award Ceremony
Honorable awardees

I am glad to greet and congratulate you on the occasion of receiving the RA Presidential Award. I am very delighted for the opportunity to meet and get in touch with all of you in person.

Recognition is crucial to each individual, especially to those who are engaged in creative work. It shows that the man is not alienated from the society, and his efforts have brought some results and have been recognized. By trying and making mistakes, each of you, just as every successful person, has struggled and has found his way of creation. It is exactly that struggle that we value.

Not less importantly, today we have with us creative individuals who represent our people’s older, middle-aged and younger generations. One of our vital tasks is to not allow the link between generations to break off. We must pass on from generation to generation and multiply the rich stock of knowledge and capability, talent and experience possessed by the Armenian people.

Dear friends,

The Armenian Genocide Centennial gives special importance to this award ceremony as well. Of course, the centennial is neither the end of something, nor its beginning. It is solely a conditional borderline on the Armenian people’s path to eternity.

Exactly 100 years ago, the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire were imposed a Golgotha merely because of their nationality and religious affiliation. The butchers had decided to eliminate the name “Armenian” from the earth. Today, after those uttermost agonies have past, the successors of those, who survived such tragedy, create a spectropolarimeter and explore nanostructures.

These achievements are really worth being proud of. This is the Armenian people’s response to those who planned and wished to annihilate and destroy us.

This response was first of all made possible by the Armenian Genocide survivors; the ones who were able to rebuilt our fully-wrecked house and make it prosperous. With the aim of honoring that most paramount contribution of the survivors, this year the specialized commission has decided to hand over the RA Presidential Award for Significant Contribution to the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide to 23 survivors leaving in Armenia.

Glory to you, dear mothers, honor and glory to you! Today, you symbolize those Armenian mothers who were teaching Armenian children the Mesropian alphabet on the burning sands of Deir ez-Zor. Today, your grandsons perform complex operations and use that same Mesropian alphabet to render the famous book by Umberto Eco into the sacred Armenian language.

During the severe times of the Armenian Genocide, there were people of good will who saved tens of thousands of refugees and orphans. Among them an invaluable role was played by the American Committee for Relief in the Near East. Today, we recognize the American people’s contribution to our survival and express our gratitude through handing over the RA Presidential Award for Significant Contribution to the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide to the Near East Foundation.

Dear friends,

I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to the estimable family of Poghossians who try their best to get involved in the homeland’s affairs, also through supporting this award-giving.

In conclusion, I once again congratulate all of you and wish you good health. May your further activities be marked by new achievements. Peace to you and your families, your relatives, and new significant works for the sake of Armenia and the Armenian people.

I congratulate you once more.

Thank you.