Support for assisting Syrian-Armenian community will continue providing there are new contributions
Posted on October 29, 2015
The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund continues to accept donations through two bank accounts which were opened in 2012 for the specific purpose of providing relief to the Syrian-Armenian community and Syrian-Armenian refugees in Armenia. Supporters can make donations in either Armenian drams or US dollars. The bank information is as follows:

13, G. Lusavorich Str, 0015 Yerevan, Armenia
Account number: 2470100030900000 (AMD)
Account number: 2470100030900001 (USD)
Hayastan All-Armenian Fund

To date, a large proportion of the funds transferred to the above accounts has been raised by Hayastan Fund’s French, German, US Western region, Argentinean, Brazilian, Lebanese, Swedish and Holland affiliates through the 2012 and 2013 Telethons, with additional major contributions made by various Armenia-based and diaspora benefactors and organizations including Hirair Hovnanian, Ara Abrahamyan, Petak LLC, HayRusGasArd CJSC, Galustanian Raffi Charitable Center.

Hayastan Fund has used the donations to implement a wide range of healthcare, education, and social-assistance projects. It has paid for the air travel of refugees between Aleppo and Yerevan, provided salary assistance to teachers at Aleppo’s Armenian schools, covered the tuitions of Syrian-Armenian students at over 20 colleges and universities in Armenia, paid for a number of heart surgeries and assisted families who could not afford funeral costs, and provided assistance to Yerevan’s Kilikia School, which is attended by children of Syrian-Armenian refugee families. Hayastan Fund has contributed to other Syrian-Armenian relief efforts by transferring donations to the Syrian-Armenian Emergency and Rehabilitation Committee.

[i]Photo by Karen Minasyan[/i]

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