Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s 18th Telethon raised $10,378,465
Posted on November 27, 2015
Hayastan All-Armenian Fund worldwide Telethon 2015 raised $10,378,465 in pledges and donations. The amounts raised at the Telethon Our Home will be used to construct single-family homes for families in Nagorno Karabakh who have five or more children and lack adequate housing, as well as to implement special projects adopted by the benefactors.

Toward the realization of the projects, the worldwide affiliates of the fund have been carrying out a multitude of public-awareness and fundraising campaigns during the year, including phoneathons, radiothons, a charity concert, fundraising dinners.

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund continues to accept donations and pledges.

[i]Telethon 2015 General sponsor[/i] - [b]ARMBUSINESSBANK[/b]
[i]Sponsor[/i] - [b]ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK[/b]
[i]Partner[/i] - [b]HAYPOST[/b]